Health Testing

Here at Wilderness Kennels all of our amazing Shilohs will be fully health tested to this amazing standard.

Titles and Competition

Our Shilohs don't just compete in Conformation shows. Mixal is also being trained in search and rescue. She has shown an aptitude for tracking as well as agility!! 

Temperament testing

Learn all about our amazing LER program here. 


All About Shiloh Shepherds

The Shiloh Shepherd is a courageous, self-confident, gentle giant. Which possesses superior intelligence wrapped in a heart of gold. This extremely versatile and easily trained companion loves to swim, carry packs for the mountain climber, endure long trail rides, or pull heavy sleds. Their excellent Air Scenting ability can be utilized in various ways, including Search & Rescue, Tracking, and sent detection work. As a true, loyal Flock Guardian descendant, they are steady and bold, without undue aggression. In 1962 Tina Barber was inspired by her childhood memories of the great Shepherds she had grown up with back in Germany circa the 1940's. Carefully selecting for intelligence, child-safe temperaments, and fluid movement, she built the foundation for this beautiful new breed. Then in 1991 she deliberately began to slowly introduce a small handful of outcross' to genetically diversify her line. This created the distinct "Shiloh" qualities we know and love today, while also improving breed health and longevity at the same time.

UNBEATABLE Health testing!

Health testing every dog for the benefit of the future, and so we can learn from our past. Mandatory OFA/PennHip, Holter testing, Genetic testing for DM, and lots

more! (Just click on the heart logo to see the full list) 

Backed by Betterbred &
UC Davis

DNA testing is one of the most powerful tools available to all breeders! Testing for over 180 genetic illnesses and profiling biodiversity of every individual dog to make smart breeding choices which lower the COI’s and maintains the valuable biodiversity in the breed.

Registered Breeder

Graduate of the International Shiloh Shepherd Association's Breeders Training program and mentored by Vanessa Dutton of Guardian Kennels

Conect on our new Facbook page "Here"
Learn more about the ISSA 

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